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Design Projects

Nashville Strong

On March 3, 2020 a violent tornado ripped through Nashville and neighboring areas. I was tasked with creating a Nashville Strong identity that would connect and inspire the people of Middle Tennessee. My concept utilizes the sun rising over the Nashville skyline to symbolize hope and renewal.


The Cross Point Residency program is a way for recent college graduates to get real world experience in their field. I created this identity to reflect the growth and potential of the residents as they begin their journey. They are neither seeds, nor fully grown. 


TDC Coffee

TDC Coffee was looking to simplify and refresh their brand. This unique project allowed me to think through the user experience from the online purchase on the website to the physical package of the coffee itself.

Full Focus Planner

A strong brand presence across multiple touchpoints is very important. Here is a set of Instagram stories alongside an email campaign graphic.

Odds & Ends

Sam Hawksley

“Birds” was a fun collaboration between the artist and myself. I lended a hand when it came to color, typography, layout, and packaging. 

Ian Poulter

Ian Poulter’s Museum is an extraordinary experience for any golf fan. The objective of this project was to create a first class brand and marketing assets for the exclusive experience. 

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